A statutory warranty applies only to vehicles purchased from a licensed motor vehicle dealer, such as Motobuyers. The Department of Commerce provides the following information on statutory warranties in Western Australia:

“The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act requires licensed dealers to fix certain defects in used motor vehicles they have sold. The statutory warranty also applies only to motor vehicles that have a purchase price of $4000 or more and motor cycles that cost $3500 or more, together with limits on age and the number of kilometres travelled at the time of sale.

The following table outlines the statutory warranty provisions:

Age of Car Kilometres travelled at time of sale Warranty Entitlement
Not more than 10 years Not more than 150,000 3 months or 5,000 km (whichever happens first)
Between 10 – 12 years Between 150,000 and 180,000 1 month or 1,500 km (whichever happens first)
More than 12 years More than 180,000 No warrant

A statutory warranty does not cover:

  • routine services
  • tune-ups
  • batteries
  • tyres (however, tyres must be roadworthy at the time of sale)
  • accessories
  • defects that arise from an accident or misuse of the vehicle.”

For further information please visit the Department of Commerce.